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Our staff has many years of experience with a goal of providing our pilots with a friendly and collaborative environment.   
William Hogarth

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Giordano

Chief Operations Officer

Sean Mullineaux

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Miller

Director of Pilot Experience

Brandon Green

Human Resources Manager

Louis Boyer

Pilot Resource Manager

Alexander Ivanoff

Operations Analyst - Regional

Zak Winnick

Operations Analyst  

Marek Michalak

Operations Analyst  

Ferdinand Ong

Aircraft  Painter - MSFS

Open Position

Aircraft  Painter - XPlane

Open Position

Aircraft  Painter - P3D

Open Position

News & Social Media Team Member

Metroair Virtual Airlines

Metroair Virtual Airlines is a not a real airline or company. Metroair serves the virtual airline community for enthusiast & flight simmers.

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