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Privacy Policy

Metroair Virtual Airlines Privacy Policy:

Metroair Virtual Airlines (henceforth referred to as "Metroair") does not collect any personal information about anyone unless the person elects to provide that information to Metroair. Metroair personnel protect their own privacy and as such respect and protect the privacy of Metroair members as well at all times.

Automatically Stored Data

Users (i.e., non-members) of the Metroair website can browse the entire site and authorized links freely. The only information collected is data that directly correlates to the browsing session in question for that User at that time, and includes no personal information whatsoever. This data can be defined as follows:

- The website, or "domain" (i.e., yourisp.com) from which you came to the Metroair website
- The address of any website that you surfed to Metroair from
- The time and date on which you visited the Metroair website
- And the type of browser and operating system you used to view the Metroair website

This information is only used to further enhance the Metroair website and help us to further enhance the website for future and further use.

Metroair Membership Data

Users who decide to Apply with Metroair to become an active member and pilot with the Airline are required to submit some personal details that include the following:

- Full Name
- Valid Email Address
- City, State / Province, and Country of residence
- Birthdate

This information is stored with Metroair for the sole purpose of providing Metroair pilots and members with the best possible services Metroair can provide. This information is stored for no other purpose. Due to the nature of Metroair as a Virtual Airline, some of the above information will be displayed on the front page of the Metroair website and on the Hub rosters. Please note that the displaying of this information is part of the agreement that all prospective Applicants agree to prior to filling out the Application form for membership with MetroAir.

The information collected above is not given out to anyone outside of Metroair in any form. However, please be aware that in accordance with United States laws and regulations, Metroair may be required to provide the above information to law enforcement agencies or the Federal Bureau of Investigation if requested by such agencies.

Outside Links

Some links on the Metroair website direct the User or Member to websites that are not, or in no way, affiliated with Metroair. Once you have browsed to such a site via a link on the Metroair website, please be advised that you are now subject to the Privacy Policy of the website in question, and the Metroair Privacy Policy no longer applies.

Children's Protection Act

Metroair acts in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Under this act website authors are restricted from the dissemination in any form of personal information of children under the age of 13. As Metroair displays such information, Metroair is unable to allow children under the age of 13 to become members or fly for Metroair.

    Metroair Virtual Airlines

    Metroair Virtual Airlines is a not a real airline or company. Metroair serves the virtual airline community for enthusiast & flight simmers.

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