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Frequently asked questions

After being hired a pirep must be filed within 14 days. After that, one pirep every 30 days.

Metroair allows pilots to fly using FSX, Prepar3D, MSFS and XPlane. However, support & paints for older simulators are less supported. Our staff do their best to include as many simulators and aircraft developers with paints.

This is ok, we allow you to fly whatever livery you like, as long as it is an aircraft type we support.

There is no charge to join Metroair. You will need to purchase your flight simulator software and joystick or yoke for controlling the aircraft. After that you can purchase addons to help make a more immersive flight sim experience.

Not at all. You can fly any flight, Metroair, Makai Express or Prism has to offer. There is no need to change airlines or any admin work. Just bid and fly.

Metroair Virtual Airlines

Metroair Virtual Airlines is a not a real airline or company. Metroair serves the virtual airline community for enthusiast & flight simmers.

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