MetroMiles™ Frequent Flyer Program

Spending miles is easy. Earning miles is even easier! Whether you hop in your favorite aircraft or you've helped to recruit new pilots, you'll see how quickly you accrue miles.

Ways to Earn

Miles Category Description
10 Vatsim Flight If you fly on Vatsim, an extra 2 miles are awarded per PiRep approved.
2 ACARS Flight For each PiRep approved in which you used MetroAir ACARS.
5 Award Received: Length of Service Each time you receive a Career badge, you earn extra miles.
5 Award Received: Flight Time Each time you receive a flight time badge, you earn extra miles.
5 Award Received: PiRep Submissions Each time you earn a PiRep badge, you receive extra miles.
5 Award Received: Type Rating Each time you earn a new type rating badge, you will earn extra miles.
5 Screenshot Competition Winner Each time you win in the screenshot competition, you will earn extra miles.
5 HR: Yearly Anniversary Miles awarded per year employed
40 HR: Staff Member Points earned as a staff member
5 HR: Recruitment Miles earned for recruiting a new pilot. (Pilot has never flown with MetroAir and must maintain a pilot account for 3 months)
5 Hub Competition: Winning Hub Pilot Awarded to pilots who have flown 5 or more flights for a winning hub
10 HR: Welcome New Pilots are awarded with miles when their applications are approved.
1 Other Other miles as assigned
75 Build-a-Charter Have you ever wanted the opportunity to create your own charter on MetroAir's books? Now is your chance. MetroAir will be featuring frequent Emerald Charter flights. You will need to contact the Director of Charter Operations to propose your idea.
You will still need bid on a Charter Flight which also required MetroMiles in your account.
25 HR: Mentor Miles earned as a mentor
200 Mentorship Received when successfully completing the MetroAir Mentorship Program
10 Sharing Photos Earn MetroMiles by sharing your screenshots on external forums (e.g. FlightSimWorld). To get the miles, contact the Chief Media Officer with a link(s) to your screenshot posts.
Limit: You can only earn this once a month.
25 Pilot of the Month Earn extra miles if you are awarded the Pilot of the Month badge.
25 Build-a-Charter (Return Trip) Add a round-trip to your charter request for just a few extra MetroMiles
50 Training Miles awarded when pilot completes the VATSIM Online Pilot course.
15 Aircraft Substitution Refund Refund for Aircraft Substitution

Ways to Spend

Note: For rewards that are based on special flights, miles are withdrawn at the time you bid on a flight. If you are unable to fly that flight, be sure to cancel the bid before expiration for a mile refund.

Miles Category Description
5 Reward: Code Share Bidding on a codeshare flight at a sister airline.
10 Reward: MetJet Charter Executives and Staff need to travel for business and leisure. Bidding on a MetJet flight will withdraw miles automatically.
75 Rank Override Utilizing this to bid on a flight that uses an aircraft in the next higher CAT rating.
15 You Pick It: MetroAir's Next Destination Occasionally MetroAir will publish a list of new possible routes. Cash in your miles for the opportunity to be the one person to influence MetroAir's next destination,
This is only available at select times throughout the year.
200 Special Livery Download Withdrawal to download a special livery.
15 Aircraft Substiution Utilizing this to bid on a flight using a pre-approved aircraft substitution. If flight is flown on VATSIM, miles will be returned after pirep approval.

Notice: Management reserves the right to change methods of earning miles, the possible rewards and all miles associated with them.