Join MetroAir

If you recently applied and haven't received your welcome email, check your application status to find out if your application has been processed.
How ofen do I need to file a PiRep?
You will have 2 weeks to complete your initial PiRep. After that you must file a PiRep once every 30 days.
Can I take a leave of absence?
We understand that real world responsibilities are a priority for both our staff and pilots. If you are unable to file a PiRep within 30 days a pilot may request a leave of absence. For more information about a leave of absence, please review the pilot handbook.
What ACARS program do you use?
MetroAir uses a custom built ACARS system to automatically record your flight to make fuel planning and flight recording easier.
Can I transfer hours from my [revious VA?
MetroAir allows you to transfer 40% of your hours from another virtual airline. Alternatively if you are a VATSIM pilot, you can transfer 100% of your VATSIM pilot hours.
Do I have to fly flights on the specified days or times?
We understand that it is often hard to fly the flights at the scheduled day and time. We do require that you set your sim time to coordinate with the scheduled departure time of the flight you will fly?
Do I have to fly on VATSIM?
While we suggest all of our pilots to fly on VATSIM, it is not required.
How old do I have to be to join?
We require pilots to be age 16 or older.