San Francisco (SFO/KSFO)


San Francisco, CA
Local Time
11:22 / 11:22 am
GMT Time
18:22 / 6:22 pm
  • Traffic destined to KSFO is facing an average delay of 1 hour and 33 minutes due to WEATHER / LOW CEILINGS.
METAR KSFO 201756Z 27011KT 10SM FEW008 BKN016 OVC023 19/15 A2995 RMK AO2 SLP142 T01940150 10200 20161 56003
TAF KSFO 201725Z 2018/2124 27014KT P6SM FEW012 OVC025 FM202200 27016G23KT P6SM FEW015 OVC030 TEMPO 2022/2102 BKN025 FM210300 26015G22KT P6SM OVC020 FM210700 26014KT P6SM OVC015 FM211200 27014KT P6SM BKN012 FM211800 27015KT P6SM SCT015