At a Glance: Fly UK Virtual Airways

  • Website:
  • Founded in April 2004
  • Radio Callsign: Skyways
  • ICAO Code: UKV
  • Over 155 aircraft
  • Over 229 destinations
  • Operates Scheduled, Cargo and Low Cost divisions
  • Hubs: London Heathrow, Edinburg, Manchester, London Gatwick, Southampton, Liverpool, London Stansed

Fly UK Logo

The codeshare has been active since December 1, 2014.
The news was posted to Facebok, Twitter, within the MetroAir forums, and onto our blog. Check the official announcement here.

The Fly UK aircraft for codeshared flights will be found in your pilot downloads. MetroAir has made a subset of the Fly UK aircraft and livery offerings available.

For each aircraft type, the freeware aircraft for FS9 and FSX has been made available. In addition, a popular payware variant of each aircraft is available for both FS9 and FSX including the PMDG 737-800, Level D Simulations 767-300, and the PMDG 744-400.

Additional payware textures and alternate liveries are available directly from Fly UK when you are a registered and active Fly UK pilot.

Yes. In accordance with the MetroMile program, all Codeshare & Fly UK flights codeshared by MetroAir Virtual require 5 MetroMiles to bid.
*The number of required MetroMiles is subject to change.
  • The Fly UK 737-800 is a CAT C rated aircraft.
  • The Fly UK 767-300 is a CAT D rated aircraft.
  • The Fly UK 747-400 is a CAT E rated aircraft.
As long as you are able to fulfill your MetroAir flight requirements, we encourage our pilots to experience the complete Fly UK experience by joining. Visit Fly UK to learn more about joining.
You can find a list of all Fly UK flights on our codeshare schedule page.
You'll bid on a Fly UK flight just like any other MetroAir flight. Bid on the flight from the schedule page. Each codeshared flight has a unique MetroAir flight number as well. All Fly UK flight codeshared flights fall within MetroAir's 6000-6999 flight number range reserved for codeshares.

If you are flying the codeshared flight that you bid on through the MetroAir website, you are flying this as a MetroAir flight. You'll be using MetroAir ACARS, the MetroAir flight number, but with the Fly UK aircraft.

If you are flying a Fly UK flight that is not codeshared by MetroAir and you booked on the Fly UK website, you should be flying that flight with Fly UK and observing all of the Fly UK policies, procedures, and restrictions.

You should observe the MetroAir VATSIM policies for your callsign. If you are flying MET6167 EGLL-KLAX, (Fly UK FL167A), your callsign would be MET6167 unless another pilot has already used it. If the callsign is already in use, use your pilot code.